About Bloomfield Hearing

Our Mission

Bloomfield Hearing is dedicated to serving persons with hearing disorders and related communication difficulties and those with balance disorders. Bloomfield Hearing is committed to providing clinical excellence through:

  • Compassionate, respectful, patient-centered service;
  • Consumer education; and
  • Exemplary, evidence-based practice for hearing and balance diagnostics, amplification services, and hearing and balance rehabilitation

loomfield Hearing provides comprehensive hearing and balance testing and a full range of amplification services. We sell hearing instruments from several manufacturers, so that we can select the most appropriate hearing instrument models, styles and technology to meet individual listening needs. We also provide assistive listening device consultations to help you cope with difficult listening situations. Hearing instrument prices at Bloomfield Hearing are highly competitive. The individual listening needs and priorities of our clients are always respected and considered when we select and adjust your hearing instruments.

Why should I choose Bloomfield Hearing for my hearing health care?

Bloomfield Hearing is fully staffed by nationally certified and Michigan licensed audiologists with a combined history of over 68 years of clinical experience. Audiologists are highly educated specialists in the diagnosis and treatment of hearing and balance disorders and have master’s or doctoral degrees in audiology. Our audiologists work closely with the ear, nose and throat physicians at Michigan Ear, Nose and Throat Associates to provide the most comprehensive services available to ensure your hearing health.

Bloomfield Hearing offers state of the art hearing instruments from the best manufacturers of hearing technology: Oticon, Phonak, Siemens and Starkey. We’re proud to offer hearing technology produced by Michigan manufacturers, such as the assistive listening devices from Silent Call in Waterford and Harc Mercantile in Kalamazoo.

Hearing instrument pricing at Bloomfield Hearing is competitive. We offer interest-free 12-month financing and we will meet or beat competitor prices for comparable technology. In addition, we offer compassionate, client-centered care for patients of all ages and their significant others.

Our goal is to help you and those you care about communicate at your full potential.