Cell Phone Ratings

What are cell phone ratings for hearing aids?

Both hearing aids and cell phones are given ratings by the American National Standards Institute. These ratings tell us how well hearing aids and cell phones will work together. Low ratings indicate they will not work together well. A low rating of 0 or 1 indicates that sound quality will be poor or you may expect to hear buzzing interference when holding a cell phone close to the hearing aid. High ratings of 3 or 4 mean the sound quality should be good.

A rating of zero or no rating at all is the poorest, and a rating of 4 is the best. When shopping for cell phones try to purchase a phone with “M” and “T” ratings of 3 or 4, if possible. This gives you the best chance of hearing well on the phone with your hearing aids.

The following Web site provides a great deal of information about the various features of many different models of cell phones. The Web site includes cell phone features and ratings for hearing aid compatibility: http://www.phonescoop.com/phones/ .