Cleaning the Behind The Ear Hearing Aids

Michigan Ear, Nose and Throat
  • Wipe the hearing aid off with a soft cloth daily.
  • Check whether the earmold is clean and free of ear wax and moisture. If it is blocked, use the tools provided with your hearing aid to clean the opening.
  • About once a week you should take the earmold off the hook of the hearing aid. Set the hearing aid someplace safe and keep it dry while you wash the earmold. Hold the earmold under lukewarm water and wash it with mild soap, and then rinse it well. Use a forced air blower designed for BTE hearing aids to blow the excess water out of the tubing and vent before you put the earmold back on the hearing aid’s earhook. Be careful not to mix up the right and left earmolds and hearing aids!
  • If the tubing in the earmold becomes stiff, yellow or cracked, an appointment should be scheduled with your audiologist to replace the tube.