Cleaning Tools and Supplies

A variety of cleaning and hearing aid care tools can be obtained at Bloomfield Hearing:

  • Wax loops help remove ear wax (cerumen) from the speaker (receiver) or sound port of the hearing aid or earmold.
  • Forced air blowers remove water or debris from vents and earmold tubing.
  • Hearing aid brushes are used to help remove dust or debris from microphones or speakers.
  • Hearing aid disinfectant solution is used to wipe off and disinfect hearing aids and earmolds.
  • Dry aid kits pull moisture away from hearing aid circuits and help prolong the aid’s useful life.
  • Hearing aid battery testers are used to check batteries.
  • Waxguards are used to protect hearing aid speakers from damaging ear wax.
  • Domes are replaceable ear tips used to fit hearing aid speakers in the ear canal for persons who use Receiver In The Ear (RITE) or Receiver In The Canal (RIC) type hearing aids.