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At Michigan Ear, Nose, and Throat Associates, Bloomfield Hearing, and Bloomfield Facial Plastic Surgery, we encourage you to call us if you need an appointment or have a routine question about our practice, such as scheduling or how to find us. Please call us at the phone numbers below for scheduling office appointments or surgery, asking questions about billing, requesting prescription refills, or asking for other information.

If you have a concern or question related to your care, or if you need to request a prescription refill, please call our office in person. Please do not ask questions about medical concerns, medications, billing, hearing or hearing aids through the Web site. For private matters such as these, please call the office.

Appointments, Billing, Surgery Scheduling and Prescription Refill Requests:

Pontiac Phone: (248) 334-9490
Pontiac Fax: (248) 636-1170

Clarkston Phone: (248) 625-8450
Clarkston Fax: (248) 625-4399