Dizziness Coping Strategies & Safety Precautions

Anyone with dizziness symptoms can benefit from the following safety precautions and coping strategies:

  • Avoid sudden head movements. Move and turn slowly while walking.
  • Focus on a stationary object while walking or whenever feeling dizzy.
  • Wear shoes with hard soles and low heels.
  • Avoid slippery or uneven surfaces when walking.
  • Avoid area rugs and other objects that might be lying on the floor.
  • Avoid walking on uneven surfaces like grass, brick or cobblestones.
  • Use extra caution when walking on very soft carpets or lawns.
  • Look forward and focus on the stripe in the center of the road while driving.
  • Use handrails on stairways and handles on stepstools and ladders for stability.
  • If your head shakes, stabilize your head with your hand when necessary.
  • Wear your glasses or contact lenses as needed.
  • Use long-handled reaching tools for high objects.
  • Use a cane, walker, or other stationary object for stability.
  • Install grab bars in bathrooms. Sit on a shower stool if needed while bathing.
  • Install shallow drawers or baskets you can pull out easily in lower cabinets.